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Renita Gray

Fun-loving, enthusiastic, helpful, hospitable, well-traveled, energetic woman on the rise, Renita L. Gray is a Girls Who Brunch Tour Committee Chair for the Indianapolis branch, which was the first of many stops when it all began. A JANE of all trades, I am a host, an emcee & looking to do other things in the entertainment industry.


Currently living out her dreams working as a set production assistant on the internet radio & TV show The Angel Starks show, Renita is a go-getter who believes in action & getting things done. When the Girls Who Brunch Tour came her way, it was right up her alley. Super excited about being on this journey as well as being a part of the team, is what will make this dream work.


A young lady at heart, I am passionate about helping other young ladies get to where they want to be as well & able to assist in a number of ways.

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