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My dream is to graduate from law school and help change laws that oppress women and Black
My dream is to graduate from law school
My dream is to graduate from law school

Dear Dreamer,

Welcome to the Dreams Worth Fighting for Tour - The Girls Brunch Tour 2023/2024! We want to encourage you to delve into the depths of your aspirations and discover the path to making them a reality. Not only are we dream-chasing; but we are creating space to prioritize your well-being and practicing self-care.

While ambition, determination, and hard work are crucial in pursuing your dreams, it is essential to recognize that your journey encompasses more than mere diligence. Your physical and mental health, as well as your overall wellness, play integral roles in achieving sustainable success.

I implore you to grant yourself moments of respite, to cherish and nurture your well-being, and to partake in activities that bring you profound joy and serenity. Take the time to reflect upon your self-care routines, evaluate their efficacy, and make adjustments as necessary.

Always remember that your physical and mental health are the pillars upon which your dreams are built. By attending to your well-being and granting yourself the rest and rejuvenation you require, you will cultivate the resilience and clarity necessary to surmount any obstacles that stand in your path.

I am thrilled to accompany you on this extraordinary expedition toward the fulfillment of your dreams while holding steadfast to your overall wellness. I cannot wait to witness the remarkable feats you will achieve! Let us commence this adventure without delay!

Yours faithfully,


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