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The Rose out of Concrete Fundraiser Fashion Show Shines with 10 Stellar Designers was a success

In the heart of Atlanta, the Rose out of Concrete Fundraiser Fashion Show unfolded as a dazzling tapestry of creativity, talent, and purpose. The evening was a resounding success, bringing together a diverse array of designers who left an indelible mark on the runway. Let's take a closer look at the stars who graced the stage and made this event truly extraordinary.

  1. Necole Monee: Empowering Elegance Stephanie Davis-Brown, the visionary behind Necole Monee, brought her passion for fashion and empowerment to life. From her roots in Hampton, VA, to the thriving streets of Atlanta, Stephanie's clothing boutique, Necole Monee, has served as a beacon of affordable fashion, inspiring and empowering women since 2020.

2. Unnurtured Genius: Where Genius Meets Style The brand developer of Unnurtured Geniuses shared a vision of self-expression and urban flair. With a focus on design, this brand has been making waves for the past 3 years, with a promising future of creating every stitch in their garments.

3. Crochet Celeste: Threads of Joy A 17-year-old crochet artist from Atlanta, Crochet Celeste, weaved joy and love into every piece. Balancing high school, soccer, and dreams of becoming a pediatrician, this young artist has been crafting extraordinary crochet pieces for herself and women who appreciate the art of fashion.

4. Afro Unicorn: Inspiring Diversity April Showers, the Founder and CEO of Afro Unicorn, has crafted a brand that celebrates the uniqueness of women and children of color. Breaking barriers with a Walmart launch in May 2022, Afro Unicorn has become a pioneer, reminding us all of the magic and divinity within.

5. God's Fashion: A Spiritual Style Xavier Morgan, the Atlanta native and creator of God's

Fashion goes beyond clothing. More than just a fashion line, it's a lifestyle that represents love, joy, and peace – an anointed fashion that connects spirituality with style.

6. Gemini Exclusive: Fierce Fashion for All Shannon Kendricks, the CEO of Gemini Exclusive Wear has been a model for 17 years. Her mission is clear: bring the hottest fashions for all women, no matter the size. With a passion for making every woman feel beautiful, Shannon pours her heart into her work.

7. Chloe Rae: Ambassador of Empowerment As the Ambassador of the Girls Who Brunch Tour, Chloe Rae brought a touch of empowerment to the runway. Her presence and commitment to the cause added a layer of significance to the event.