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Bringing Hope During a Pandemic

By GWBT Contributing Blogger Pricela A.

Her new normal is working from home and back to back zoom meetings. While figuring out new ways to entertain her two children and homeschooling them, she has not forgotten about the need in her community. “Aside from people becoming sick another fallout from COVID-19 is hunger” Taryn Goldsmith explained.

Social distancing was not going to stop her from making a difference.

Taryn Goldsmith is a chair member and Fundraising manager for the nonprofit organization Girls Who Brunch. Her duties include assisting committees in each city with setting up for the Girls who brunch tour. She oversees the fundraising department and is a grant writer. She is passionate about working with Girls Who Brunch and what they stand for, so much so that she brings her passions into her own neighborhood.

Since schools got canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak Goldsmith has seen an increase in children going hungry in her community. Many students and parents relied on the food sources that came from schools. According to Brookings.edu, “a survey of mothers with young children found that since the pandemic 17.4 percent of children under that age of 12 were not eating enough because they couldn’t afford enough food” (Bauer 2020). In her neighborhood many parents are out of work or on a fixed income, so now that their children aren’t receiving school lunches, they are low on resources and meals.

“There were some hardships when it came to having food in their homes. In my own neighborhood, I saw families that we're struggling to provide enough food on the table, and it was something I took seriously", Goldsmith stated.

Goldsmith wasn’t going to sit back and not help out her community in Philadelphia. Since having prior knowledge with nonprofit organizations, she used her skills and partnered up with neighbors to give groceries and gift cards to the families in need. “I had to do something and did what I had to do to help the families in need”, she explained.

With all this uncertainty going on in the world, Goldsmith wanted to bring hope to her community. She knew there was a need in her community, so she got to work. Ending our interview Goldsmith gave me advice on how to help each other during these tough times. She stated, “Check on your neighbor, text them or give them a call. Being there for another is important especially now. You never know if someone is on their last meal. Pass out resources if you can or even conversation”.

To learn more about Taryn Goldsmith and the nonprofit Girls Who Brunch visit the website www.girlswhobrunchtour.com

Pricela A. is a Girls Who Brunch Tour contributing blogger based out of California. Her area of expertise falls under community outreach, event planning, and social media. She is most passionate about topics related to ending poverty, educational system, and women's equality. Social media to her, allows people around the world to connect in ways that weren't possible before with so many communities to be a part of.

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