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Mental Health is Important to Shape Young Girls

By GWBT Contributing Blogger Pricela A.

Mental health is not a thing to take lightly but many are overlooking the lack of mental health help and resources for our younger girls. Mental illnesses can include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and self-harm. If not treated on time or correctly there could be serious consequences. 1 in 5 teens suffers from at least one mental illness in their lifetime. 

The pressures of today’s world can bring an enormous amount of stress to many girls. From social media, bullying, and the environment one lives in can make a huge impact on one’s mental health.  Mental health is as important as our physical health and the way we take care of our younger girl’s mental health can shape them for the rest of their lives. 

Especially when young girls are growing up in poverty, abusive homes, or suffering from trauma they are more likely to suffer from a mental illness. A study from the University of Manchester found that 73% of girls in the age range from 10-19 have self-harmed. 26% of young women have experienced Anxiety and depression due to their circumstances. 

Mental illness in young girls is on the rise and it’s becoming a social issue. Many young girls don’t feel that they can talk to someone or ask for help due to the stigma that is tied to mental illness or don’t have access to help. When mental health issues are ignored or not taken seriously it can affect their personal and social life. Young girls can start losing interest in their hobbies, school activities, start falling behind in their academics, engaging in unhealthy relationships, and self- harm. This can lead them on a harmful path. 

That is why we need to make mental health a top priority in our homes, schools, and communities. Young girls will benefit in many ways by becoming more successful in school and have more confidence as they grow up. Girls who brunch provides different resources for young girls who are struggling with mental health issues. Girls Who Brunch hosts health and wellness masterclasses to bring awareness to the subject. These classes include building self-esteem, self-identity, and how to handle bullying within their homes or schools. These are personalized classes lead by experts. Girls who brunch creates a safe environment for the girls and encourages sisterhood. Which intend encourages the girls to speak about their issues so they can be guided to the right help. The goal is to make sure they know they are not alone. 

Mental health awareness is a great way to stop the stigma around mental illnesses. This can open many doors for young girls struggling with a mental illness. Many are not even aware of the signs and symptoms that come with a mental illness, so they never address the problem which can have many consequences. It is important to provide a support system or resources for our younger girls about mental health.  Community organizations are a great place where young girls can get support for mental health.

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Pricela A. is a Girls Who Brunch Tour contributing blogger based out of California. Her area of expertise falls under community outreach, event planning, and social media. She is most passionate about topics related to ending poverty, educational system, and women's equality. Social media to her, allows people around the world to connect in ways that weren't possible before with so many communities to be a part of.

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