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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

By GWBT Contributing Blogger Carly O.

I heard once that you will go your entire life without completely knowing what you look like. It's true. You can check the mirror a million times, but all you will ever see is a reflection. According to the Oxford dictionary, a reflection is the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. In other words, it can only throwback what it sees. However, it can't throw back what you see or what others see. Even if you were to ask someone, someone you trust, what they see when they look at you, it's just a reflection.

Science Direct says that self-identity is an individual's adoption of particular groups or traits as a part of their self-concept. "Who am I?" is a question that we ask ourselves often throughout the course of our life, especially in our teens and young adult stages. It's an existential question that everyone struggles with, so you don't have to feel alone. However, I pose this question to you, what if we changed our self-identity questions from "Who am I?" to "Who am I now?" If we ask ourselves who we are now, we can provide a more accurate comparison to who we are now, in this present moment in time, to who we'd like to be.

If you ask yourself who you are now and you describe yourself using only negative points, don't be alarmed. Right down what you think about your current self and compare it to who you'd like to be. Now, just like a Venn diagram, write what it would take for you to get from the person you are now to that better, future person. Would it take less procrastination and more preparation? Would it consider using the resources around you for assistance? Would it take working more or working less? Would it take spending more time with your family and friends? Or more isolation time? You fill in what's necessary and then execute! You have the power to be your mirror. Tell yourself what you see and what you want to see. The ability to change is within you. Dig deep, take a breath, and welcome the new you that always was but one day will be.

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Carly O. is a Girls Who Brunch Tour contributing blogger based out of Georgia. Her area of expertise falls under writing, public speaking, and art. She is most passionate about topics related to women empowerment, ending poverty and hunger, environmental change, self awareness, self development, and mental health. Social media to her, allows you to be multiple places at once and connect with others whom you might not have had the opportunity to.

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