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The Pressures of Social Media

By GWBT Contributing Blogger Sayeeda B.

It’s 5’oclcok in the morning, and the alarm goes off, signaling for us to start our day. We stretch our arms reach for our phones and begin our morning routine. For many Americans, that morning routine is browsing through the different social media platforms that are readily available to us. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter have become the new normal of our daily lives. Social media is a platform that has been around for many years; it allows us to network, create, and share content and has become a means for living amongst influencers. Even though social media can be a great platform, many Americans, especially teens, don’t know how to differentiate reality from a false reality.

Social media can cause pressure for teens because they are trying to emulate a fact that doesn’t exist. People will often post what they want you to see, whether it’s happy times or accomplishments they have achieved. You will never see any one’s failures or struggles because we strive for perfection on social platforms. According to, “Donna Wick, EdD, founder of Mind-to-Mind Parenting, says that for teenagers the combined weight of vulnerability, the need for validation, and a desire to compare themselves with peers’ forms what she describes as a “perfect storm of self-doubt.” Comparison is the thief of joy and has become the new normal when you are strolling through the news feed on different social media platforms.

I’m not pretty enough, why can’t I have a relationship like that, she’s so popular, and her life is so perfect. As parents and educators, we have to do our part to ensure that teens are aware of reality and what’s for show. Having those conversations about being imperfect and learning from your mistakes is okay. Perfectionism doesn’t exist and shouldn’t be something that we strive for. Also, disconnecting from social media can be healthy for our minds. According to everyday health, “Just like many things in life, moderation is key,” says Ohannessian. Pick a time in your day to actively NOT check social media. Keep your phone and other devices in another room to avoid the temptation to pick them up.” Social media should be used in moderation and for positive intent to benefit your lifestyle healthily.

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Sayeeda B. is a Girls Who Brunch Tour contributing blogger based out of Georgia. Her area of expertise falls under social media marketing and content creation. She is most passionate about topics related to beauty and lifestyle. Social media to her is interesting because you are able to form genuine connections with people who have the same interests as you. Also, you can learn so much because social media is something that is always changing.

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